Personal training


We all know how important exercise is for us. There are many positive benefits both physical and mental. Regular exercise helps to control our weight, improve our aerobic capacity, impacts our muscular fitness, helps trim our waistline, helps to combat health conditions and can improve our mood and sex life. There is further motivation to stay active knowing regular exercise gives you an enormous sense of well-being, you feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more positive and relaxed about yourself.

Tailored for you

There will be a free consultation to discuss your needs and to create a plan specifically tailored for you, considering current fitness, potential injuries, nutrition, availability and to define your goals.

You will then benefit from dedicated 1:1 sessions with the emphasis on enjoying exercise, managing your body weight and achieving results.

You will be supported throughout your health and fitness development, with plenty of motivation and further advice on your diet and your lifestyle to compliment your personalized training.

My home  •  Mobile for your convenience  •  Online coaching

Genoa, Liguria and online; I can fit your schedule and come to you – training in the City, at the Port, at nearby parks, along the coast or the comfort of your home or garden.

Take control today – Create and live a healthy lifestyle