Massage – Foam roller routine

Myofascial release

Foam rolling is a form of self myofascial release and assists in the mobility of fascia which is a fibrous layer of connective tissue surrounding muscles – when we work out or perform daily activities we put stresses on our bodies which affects fascia. This tissue needs to be broken down, mobilized and aligned properly which is where the rolling comes in.


Performing plenty of static stretching following your foam roller routine is a great way to improve flexibility.

Injury can result from poor tissue mobility

Roll the whole length of the tissue you are working on. Work for 30 secs on each area then rest. You can work for longer on specific areas if there is more pain. I would recommend using the foam roller 3 times a week.

It isn’t a good idea to roll on your spine. You will often see people perform this but it is not advised. When your roll your lower back be sure to hit the muscles either side of your spine. If you do experience lower back pain it is often because your glutes and hip flexors are tight, give them a good massage!

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