Tone & build lean muscle – Press up routine

A lucky 13-fold press up blast to tone, build lean muscle and engage your core. View this post on Instagram Tone and build lean muscle using your body weight, just find a space👊 Lucky 13 press up routine for you #fridayfeeling #fitfebruary #fitfam #ironcave 1.Narrow 2.Wide 3.Staggered 4.Rotation 5.Snake 6.Vertical 7.Walks 8.Rhomboid push 9.Elevated leg… Read More Tone & build lean muscle – Press up routine

Fruit alphabet

Snacking on fruit is one of the best habits, you should have no problem getting your 5-a-day with my alternative a-z of favourites. •  Apple  •  Banana  •  Cherries  •  avocaDo •  lEmon  • grapeFruit – grapefruit can cause dangerous reactions with some prescription medications  •  Grapes  •  Honeydew-melon •  blueberrIes  •  Jackfruit – the national fruit… Read More Fruit alphabet

Core stability – Balance cushion workout

Increase stability and strength in your spine and core with moves on the balance/wobble cushion – You will get a total body workout in the process. View this post on Instagram Uneven surfaces are great to further test your #strengthandconditioning Nearly 6 pistol's on the balance cushion🤗Have a go. #progress #corestrength #legstrength #balance Keep working… Read More Core stability – Balance cushion workout