Juice fix

Liquid health

Your body can get really fantastic nutrients from a variety of juices. I tried 7 different juices and smoothies last week and below are some of the health benefits in each one.

  • Mon – Mango and passionfruit

Tons of vitamin C, one of the best sources of betacarotene and astragalin, 2 powerful antioxidants.

  • Tues – Carrot

Large amounts of vitamin A protecting eye health and vision, carrots also improve oral and skin health.

  • Weds – Apple, red pepper and sweet potato

Plentiful in A’s, C’s, the important B6, iron, calcium and the list is endless.

  • Thurs – Grape

Contains polyphenol flavonoids which are strong antioxidants, also a brain boosting juice!

  • Fri – Apple, pear, kale and baobab

All the usual suspects, full of iron, antioxidants and HUGE amounts of vitamin C, fiber and calcium.

  • Sat – Cranberry

Prevents downstairs infections and is great for your heart.

  • Sun – Coconut, banana and pineapple

Great for muscle recovery, energy boosting, full of potassium, sodium and B vitamins.

Mix up your juices!



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