Sugar high – white vs brown


I’ve often wondered why i’m always reaching for the brown or raw sugar, it was routed into me that this was the healthy option, something like brown bread or rice maybe. However I can confirm this is purely a myth and having a sugar with your tea or coffee can be a less stressful affair..

The difference – taste

White and brown sugar both come from the same place – sugarcane. Brown/raw sugar is refined white sugar with molasses added, which add flavour. These molasses contain a very small amount of minerals, but so little they have no health benefits vs white sugar with no molasses. The colour can also play mind games on you with raw or brown sugar very aesthetically pleasing and organic in colour.

I still go in for some brown sugar given the option due to the nicer sweet taste, but if there’s none to hand.. white is no problem.

If you do have sugar, remember to go easy as we are already getting enough in our diets from the foods we eat, honey is a good option for you with a healthier GI vs sugar – GI measures the negative effect on the blood glucose level.

Sugar rush

Sucrose which is extracted from sugarcane is a great substance for endurance athletes, it provides both glucose and fructose and if your participating in pro-longed exercise you should monitor and maintain your levels. I became interested in the topic when I started marathon running and racing triathlons!


I may drink too much coffee..



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