22050082_10211175349835456_8045759701626513399_n (2)Gargiulo Salvatore  – Genoa, Italy.

”John for me is a great English teacher and a beautiful person, we miss him so much.. I wish he can teach me again.”

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Mary Lux – Genoa, Italy.

”John displays enthusiasm for his subject and a desire to share it with his students. He knows how to modify his teaching strategies according to the particular students, subject matter, and learning environment.”

21617565_10214805146632084_1821910831335591352_nGaia D’Anna – Genoa, Italy.

”John was my teacher at Wall Street English School. During this time he was able to switch a traditional English lesson into a funny discussion-game easy to understand and learn. He was very patient with every kind of students and he was able to quickly change his method for different English levels. John is a good teacher with different teaching style, so adaptable to any school.”