Start your day right

2017 Resolutions – Mornings matter


• Music • Hydrate • Plan • Nutrition • Movement

Music – Play the music that gets you going in the morning, it could be some chilled jazzy breakfast tunes or some summer house beats that get the good vibes flowing through your body.

Hydrate – Important to re-hydrate after a number of hours sleeping, have a glass of water and give your brain some fuel!

Plan – Get yourself organised, prioritize some goals and have a plan of action for the day. If your like me, you’ll feel a real sense of satisfaction at the end of the day when all is achieved.

Nutrition – The old.. ‘most important meal of the day’ quote. It is difficult and I understand not everyone has an appetite or time in the mornings but I would urge you to give it your best shot and eat something with lots of nutrients, re-filling the energy stores following sleep and setting you up for the day ahead.

Movement – I often wake up with a achy back or neck – doing some light exercises can loosen you up and give you a positive mind set. You can achieve this in 2 mins next to your bed with some mobility movements – If your feeling energetic, some moderate exercise will get the endorphin’s racing!

Start each day well this new year!



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