Sleep and performance

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Be sure to get those 40 winks

Below is a simple insight into how the quality and quantity of sleep can effect mental and physical performance levels, for sport or during other work and activities.

Focus and attention

Without adequate sleep we lose our ability to access info we have previously learnt – nerve cells (neurons) are overworked and cannot function as you would like.

It is estimated that the brain has 86 BILLION nerve cells!

Decision making and mood

Focus and attention are closely linked to decision making and mood and rising from the wrong side of bed will effect judgement and decision making can be poor. I’m not usually in the best of moods and who wants to be around that..

Rest, recovery and functioning

Muscles are not properly rested and the body’s organ systems are not in tune with each other – sometimes even injury can occur.


Clearly after a terrible sleep you will not be at your best which will impact the days training or activities, setting you back – siesta time..


The lack of rest can decrease production of glycogen and carbs that are stored for energy use.

While the need for sleep can definitely vary between individuals, its fair to conclude we usually perform and feel so much better after a cracking kip.

Thanks for reading, now i’m off to bed ZZZzzzzzz.



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