Fruit alphabet


Snacking on fruit is one of the best habits, you should have no problem getting your 5-a-day with my alternative a-z of favourites.


•  Apple  •  Banana  •  Cherries  •  avocaDo

•  lEmon  grapeFruit – grapefruit can cause dangerous reactions with some prescription medications  •  Grapes  •  Honeydew-melon

•  blueberrIes  •  Jackfruit – the national fruit of Bangladesh  •  Kiwi  •  Lime

•  Mango  •  craNberries – cranberries bounce like bouncy balls  •  Orange  •  Pear

•  Quince  •  Raspberries  •  Strawberries – technically isnt a fruit??  •  coconuT

•  plUm  •  oliVes  •  Watermelon  •  pineXpple..

•  papaYa  •  Zucchini – zucchini along with olives and avocado are definitely fruits not vegetables

Essential vitamins for good health Reduce the risk of diseases Instant energy supply



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