Heavenly berries


Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cranberries & Strawberries are tremendously good for you

The thing I love about berries is how versatile they are. They are like the Dirk Kuyt of the football world or Johnny Depp in cinema.. You can consume them in the morning to kick start your day as part of a healthy breakfast, snack on them to ‘pick you up’ in the afternoon, or devour them as part of your fun food after some heavy training. However you enjoy berries, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that these dark fruits are 100% nutritious.

What’s good about berries?

The question should be.. What’s not good? They keep your memory sharp, prolong your healthy life, help your digestive system, look after your skin, prevent disease, they are good for your heart and your bones. All down to the fruits being jam packed with antioxidants.


Add them to

Porridge, granola, cereal bars, shakes, yogurt, pancakes, muffin’s and crumble – just make sure they are included in your well balanced diet!

Beware of poisonous berries! Know where they come from.



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