Danger – Ironman in training


Train • eat • sleep • repeat

10 things to consider before taking on your first long distance triathlon

• During an ironman training cycle you may age a few years through lack of sleep. 24 hour days are not long enough.

• You will need to see a chiropractor often.

• You will have no money. This goes on bikes, energy gels and all things aerodynamic to shave precious seconds, including spandex which you look awesome in.

• Say goodbye to your drinking prowess, you are no longer the machine you used to be.

• No swim training can actually prepare you for the swim.

• During the run your body will be obliterated, you will need good spirit.

• A typical training week involves 8 miles of swimming, 200 cycling and 30 running. All added up on your snazzy oversized garmin watch.

• Your so aerobically fit you get dizzy every time you stand up too quickly.

• A day off from work = a six hour bike ride followed by an hour run.

• Your probably going to get addicted and do another, going through this again.

With all that said.. You’ll be an ironman my friend.



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