Great news for coffee lovers


El cafe es bueno en Barcelona

Over the past two years my running has come on a bomb, coincidentally around the same time I was in Costa Rica developing a slight addiction to coffee. It hasn’t been the sole catalyst in my change of form, but those two or three small coffees a day have certainly given me an extra boost!

Quick fire benefits

• Caffeine helps you to get focused, boosts mental alertness, reaction time and improves your mood.

• Coffee before a run helps reduce muscle pain during your workout and lowers the rate of perceived exertion making exercise feel slightly easier, enabling you to run faster for longer.

• It improves neuromuscular coordination and increases the circulation of fatty acids, allowing your body to burn fat at a higher rate, keeping your glycogen stores untapped for later use.

• Caffeine aids recovery, helping to rebuild glycogen stores.

• It tastes fantastic. Check the coffee beans are 100% Arabica!

For maximum benefits, i’d recommend consuming a small cup an hour before exercise.

My reference is to running, but caffeine can have a positive influence on other sports and workouts.



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