The science of sweat


Growing up in the Welsh Valleys we had a bit of a sauna tradition. No built-in sauna in our houses like in Finland, but we did enjoy the post workout heat a couple of times a week, pouring a pint of sweat, opening the pores and unwinding after a heavy session. Nowadays as a fitness professional, its great knowing there are many additional health benefits that come from the dry heat and I will continue to enjoy the sauna for years to come.

Health benefits

The hot temperatures causes our blood vessels to dilate, increasing the blood flow to the skin. When the volume of blood increases, our body’s blood pressure drops causing our heart rate to beat faster and more efficiently, similar to getting a light CV workout.

The sauna can eliminate dead skin cells and expose new layers, keeping your skin young and healthy.

The body’s metabolic process is increased temporarily helping you burn more calories.

Stints in the sauna help to produce white blood cells, helping to create a stronger immune system.

The heat therapy from the sauna relaxes your muscles, loosens muscle contraction and helps get rid of muscle aches.

Mental relaxation – studies have noted an improvement in positivity, mental clarity and relaxation.

So add that extra few minutes to your workout plans today. Of course ensure you stay hydrated with plenty of water, take a cool shower after and have a good stretch.




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