Today’s English

About you questions and answers

What’s your name? My name is ………..

Where are you from? I’m from ………….

Where do you live? I live in ……………

What do you do? I’m a student / I am an actor / I work for a company called ……. (a e i o u = an) 

How old are you? I’m ….. years old

Nice to meet you! – Nice to meet you too!

Have a good day! You too!


Important questions

How do you say ………. ?

How do you spell ………..?

Can you repeat that please?

Can you speak slowly please?


Basic conversation

Jon – Hi, how are you? / How’s it going? (Casual)

Tom – I’m good thanks / very good thanks / great thanks. How are you? / and you?

Jon – I’m tired today.

Tom – Why are you tired?

Jon – Because I had a busy day in work.

Tom – What are your plans for this evening? / what are you doing this evening?

Jon – I will just relax tonight, what about you?

Tom – I will see my friends this evening.

Jon – Sounds good! Have a good evening, see you soon.

Tom – You too! Bye.

Repeat, repeat, repeat